EFT & Stress

(Treating the Cause Not the Symptom)
By Steven Frost. Dip.Hyp. EFT-ADV.


As a hypnotherpist / analyst for 14 years, and additionally now an EFT advanced (Craig 2000) practitioner, I’ve seen stress manifest its self in lots of different forms. The effects it has on people’s life’s can be devastating. It has been reported eczema, psoriasis and fibromyalgia are mainly caused by stress.

I treat these skin / nerve complaints as stress related with remarkable results. As we know one of the most stressful events in everybody’s lives is being born. Some people will continue to carry that stress with them right through their life. These people will be life’s ‘born’ worriers and as such are more susceptible to stress. A chance remark at work or a memo from management will make them break out in a sweat and feel anxious.

These events can and will cause stress. In my practice the causes of stress and the symptoms of stress constantly amaze me. I treated a client for PTSD and afterwards he reported his (unknown to me) tinnitus had all but disappeared. Turn that on its back and you have a client with tinnitus caused by PTSD. (Case history and explanation available.) Stress in the workplace is much like PTSD in asmuch as it is generated by shouting and fear. I.e. Shouting = loud noise. Fear = losing your job because deadlines are not met.

Workplace bullying (shouting) and unrealistic deadlines (fear) are all to common, and akin to bad management and bad organisation. It is often people in middle management that set these unrealistic targets and when things go wrong they panic, hence shouting, screaming and throwing their rattles out of their prams. We should be looking at where the middle management got their training, as they seem to be working with 18th century practices wrapped in 21st century ideals.

I suspect these middle managers are out to impress higher management but instead, they depress the workforce; as such, they cause more stress. No amount of academic qualifications will ever give them the man-management skills they so desperately require. How many times has it been said, a good work force is nourished not punished, but how often does this happen?

Look after yourselves.
As therapists or counsellors working with the mess these people and their colleagues leave behind, we have to look after ourselves i.e. supervision or therapy of one kind or another, if it’s there use it. I believe, that in all but very few therapies your clients will talk to you about their worries and fears, and transference will take place.

If you, being the therapist or councellor are unprepared for this, things will start to go wrong big time (Therapists burnout.)

In my training as a hypnotherapist / analyst and also to enable me to qualify as such, I had to go into analytical hypnotherapy. This was not only to experience the process but also to bring out any personal problems, hang-ups, or hidden agendas that there may have been, also more importantly to get to know myself. When you know yourself you are infinitely better equipped to deal with your clients problems without something coming up and playing on your mind, as it otherwise undoubtedly will at some time or other. Therapists / Counsellors must support each other to enable us to function properly.

EFT can help in all these areas with about 80% – 85% successes rate.


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