Smoking Eases My Fear



The belief that smoking reduces fear is just another illusion.

We have talked about how nicotine induces a time delayed fear in the body but it is important to understand this further.

The fear is not real!

It is only chemically induced (the same as having a shot of adrenaline), the body responds as though there were real danger.

The mind senses this, but does not recognize the absence of real danger. It knows it is afraid but does not know why.

This is perhaps the worst fear of all, the fear of the unknown. The subconscious mind has the job of protecting the body from short term danger, regardless of the long term consequences.

Because of the time delay between smoking and the subsequent fear, which is around 30 minutes to 2 hours,(about the frequency with which smokers smoke, coincidence perhaps?) the subconscious mind does not make the connection.

As the relief from the fear by smoking the next cigarette is almost instant (approximately 7 seconds) it makes the connection that smoking relieves the fear.

This false connection is used to create the drive to smoke. The idea being to get you out of the unknown danger, the unconscious mind’s primal function. ‘

Better live with the devil you know than the devil you don’t’ is the basic principal behind smoking.

Except now you know the devil you do not know doesn’t even exist.

The subconscious mind can look to the future, and suddenly the familiar devil, smoking, holds much less appeal.

It is now a threat, not protection.

But because your conscious mind is logical, it can understand this.

Your subconscious mind however, will benefit from EFT to help it also understand.

Set-up statements to help clear this fundamental mistake are found on the next page.

If you have not fully understood, please re-read until it makes complete sense before continuing (and you have no fear about quitting smoking).



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