Smoking Myths


There are many myths about smoking.

We will now remove these illusions why you think you may smoke.

People have many excuses why they smoke, and it is important to address these.

If I were to ask you why you smoke, you would probably reply some of the following…


  • Because it helps me relax
  • Because it helps me concentrate
  • Because it helps me deal with stress
  • Because I enjoy it, and gives me pleasure
  • Because it is a social thing
  • Because the cravings are too strong to stop
  • Because I don’t want to put on weight


We will look at each of these myths and dispel each in turn.

The use of EFT will help your subconscious mind to accept the new facts.

We also need to help your subconscious mind understand the real reason it won’t give up. Because it is AFRAID.

This may not make sense to you yet, but it soon will. If there are any other beliefs that smoking benefits you, that are not looked at in the following pages, it would be advisable to tap on those in the same way.




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