What Now – More Tips on Quitting Smoking


Well hopefully you will have cleared all your reasons, associations, excuses and illusions around smoking.

With it your desire should also have dissolved. This may take a few days to fully work, during which you may still feel a mild desire to smoke. See it for what it is, just a memory of the illusion that smoking once helped calm your fear.

Remember, if you do smoke it will only come back and keep coming back until you stop.

Also observe other smokers, it can be quite enlightening. If you do need to smoke, visualize the poison entering your body and try the following:

Stop what you are doing.

Observe the trigger, and ask if it is really worth smoking over.

How does it help? Listen to the self talk and compare the voices, your desire to stop and the voice of the nicotine.

Take at least 3 deep breaths as described in Breathing on the previous page.

Tap on the following, doing a few rounds until there is no desire.


“Even though I still have this anxiety and fear that
my subconscious is mistaking as a threat
I can love and accept myself anyway – fully and completely.
I now choose to clearly see the after effects of smoking nicotine
are nothing to be scared of and there is no threat.
In this knowledge I no longer have any desire to smoke.”


Take another deep breath and drink a glass of water, this also helps flush out the toxins.



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