Breathing to Become a Non-smoker

Breathing is highly underrated…

… despite being essential to life. The quality of our breath determines many things.

From the amount of oxygen we can absorb and the amount of carbon dioxide we can expel, to the strength of our respiratory muscles and the aiding of lymphatic movement.

One thing deep breathing also does is to release endorphins. The bodies natural tranquilizers which help to relax us. Try the following technique:

Take a slow deep breath, start by filling your belly and then your chest. Hold it for 1-2 seconds before releasing it slowly, chest first then from the belly. By repeating these full breaths 3-12 times you will reduce anxiety and begin to relax.

When smoking the first puff it is usually a big deep one, just like this breathing technique. If you learn to do this with fresh air instead of noxious gases, your body will start to appreciate it much more. Try the following line to help your subconscious mind disassociate the two.

“Even though I relax with the first big drag on a cigarette
because of all these endorphins being released
(which I could never do just be choosing to take a deep breath and releasing slowly)
I can love and accept myself anyway
fully and completely.”

“Even when I need endorphins to relax me
I would rather over-stimulate my nervous system with nicotine and poison myself
(rather than simply breathing clean air)
I can love and accept myself anyway
fully and completely.”


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