Nicotine Cravings



Nicotine cravings are nothing more than a voice inside your head telling you to smoke, which Richard Craze labels so well in his book of the same title The Voice of Tobacco.

His realization that tobacco is a parasite using the human body (and mind) as its host is a startlingly accurate one.

After all smoking offers no true benefits, only illusionary ones created my our own mind to justify smoking.

You can sleep all night without smoking and not be restless, sweat and become so anxious that you need to smoke.

So why can most smokers last no more than about 2 hours in the day? The voice of the tobacco speaks to us from our subconscious mind, telling us to smoke.

It is a very frightened voice. If you want to panic a smoker tell them they cannot smoke for the next few hours.

The truth is that withdrawal symptoms, are the same as fear and anxiety.

Sweating, restlessness, irritability, insomnia and nervousness. They are the same symptoms because they are the same problem.

It is simply another smoking myth that being free needs to be mentally and physically painful. Nicotine withdrawal is simply a mild anxiety, the rest is an exaggeration by the smokers mind, fueled by urban myth.

This artificial anxiety induced by smoking, will last only 4 days if left to its own devices and not re-triggered by smoking another cigarette.

The reason people start again after quitting, is the subconscious memory that smoking once seemed to relieve anxiety, an illusion created by smoking in the first place.

If this were not true, non-smoking partners of smokers would also suffer withdrawals.

They too inhale enough nicotine passively to have an effect, they just hardly realize it, and have no association for the need to smoke, or any nicotine cravings.



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