Smoking is a Habit


“Smoking is a habit and habits are hard to break” is something I hear a lot.

Again I’m sorry I don’t buy it.

This is the point most smokers are fighting on shaky ground.

The other “reasons: they give for smoking are looking less creditable, this is one of their last defenses.

If you walked your dog every day along the same route, you might call it a habit. Perhaps one day the road is closed, as they are demolishing a house down the street.

Do you find it difficult to walk a different route or do you keep going the same way despite the life threatening danger to both you and your dog?

After all it is habit.

Well then, why use habit as an excuse to stop smoking, despite its obvious dangers, to both you and your dog?

I agree, habit may make us reach for a cigarette with our coffee in the morning.

But that is all it is, just habit.

If we have stopped and no longer want a cigarette, it doesn’t cross our minds to force one upon ourselves.

Still let us humour your mind and tap on it anyway.


“Even though I have all these habitual instincts driving me to smoke,
forcing me so I cannot possibly stop
I can love and accept myself anyway – fully and completely.”


“Even though I still have all these remaining smoking habits
which I can’t escape from and which I would rather kill me
I can love and accept myself anyway – fully and completely.
I now choose to respect myself enough to consider changing, one day.”




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