Quit Smoking with EFT



Quitting Smoking can often be a challenge.

This section is a fairly comprehensive guide designed to help you through the process of how to quit smoking, permanently.

If this is not adequate, or you wish to be more thorough, an expanded Stop Smoking with EFT workbook with free additional audio’s is available from www.now-quit-smoking.com and is 100% guaranteed.

This is a step by step process and should be worked through page by page.

You do not have to do this all in one go, but don’t leave too long between each session, a few days at most.

The length of time it will take to complete the whole course, and so quit smoking, will vary greatly from person to person, but expect anything from 1-4 hours.

I recommend reading from beginning to end before even doing the tapping, if you so feel, as it allows some of the ideas and concepts to start sinking in to the subconscious.

While you read through, tap on the karate chop point the whole time. Please ensure you read ALL the pages, and ensure you are completely familiar with the EFT beginner techniques as described in the EFT Techniques section.

Only the set-up phrases have been given, adapt them to create a reminder phrase that suits you.

Alternatively, keep repeating the set-up phrase while doing complete rounds substituting “even though” for “this”.

For your convenience the different pages are listed below so you can return to where you left off previously.

Quitting Smoking

Motivation to Quit Smoking

Smoking Myths

Smoking Helps Me Relax

Smoking Eases My Fear

Smoking Helps Me Concentrate

Smoking Helps When I’m Stressed

Smoking is Social

Quitting Smoking Causes Weight Gain

Smoking is Enjoyable

Smoking is a Habit

Nicotine Cravings

Physical Cravings

The Voice of Tobacco

Smoing Anxiety

Feeling Deprived

The Loneliness

Smoking Associations

I Started Smoking Because…

Smoker Identity

Your Future as a Non-Smoker

Breathing to Become a Non-smoker

What Now?



Please while doing this course DO NOT use any form of nicotine replacement such as patches, gum or false cigarettes.

The reason these do not work and will only prevent success will become apparent soon.

Please do not use will power either becasue this is simply not necessary and can be counter productive to quitting smoking.



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