Quitting Smoking


Smoking harms our health, we all know that.

On average 1000 people in the UK quit every day, twice this try but are unsuccessful.

EFT enables people to quit, easily and permanently. It breaks the association of smoking with key triggers which logic alone is unable to do.

EFT is also able to remove the root cause of the addiction.


What follows is a comprehensive protocol for using EFT to be free from smoking addiction, and an insight into why people smoke and dispelling myths why people continue.

Much of it can be applied to any other addiction including alcohol, heroin and even food.

The real key to success is to avoid using will power.

This is a guaranteed route to failure or a life time of misery living with the desire to smoke but forcing yourself not to.

Will power is useful for short term emergencies but should not be used long term.

Forcing yourself to do something you don’t want to is another stress on your body. (And remember stress is a key trigger to smoking, hence the failure rate for many people trying to stop.)

If you are an ex-smoker and still have cravings, then it is worth reading through this section to be free from your addiction completely.

The language you use is important, as subtle differences can have a huge impact on the subconscious mind.

Smokers talk about “quitting'” This implies losing out on something. The label ‘ex-smoker’ also holds negative connotation.

Instead think of yourself as choosing not to smoke and being free from your addiction.

Also change the words in the example set-up phrase to best suit you. I always use the term cigarette, however change it to what you would use (be it fag, ciggy or rolly).




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