Treating Your Fear with EFT


To treat your fear with EFT start by trying to think back and see if there is any event(s) that may have caused the fear.

Maybe in school you were told your singing was terrible and you couldn’t do it, so ever since you have been afraid. Maybe you were involved in a horrific car accident and now you’re afraid to drive.

If you can establish a specific event that caused your fear or phobia then start by treating that.

Close your eyes and visualize as much as you can. (In the case of a serious trauma only do as much as is comfortable, do it in stages, go slowly and if in doubt contact a qualified EFT Therapist.

Take note of your intensity level around that specific event. Be as descriptive as you can in your set-up phrase.


“Even though Miss Jones said I should not sing and that
I sounded like a cat being strangled (and everybody laughed)
I can love and accept myself anyway – fully and completely.”


Often what we can logically see as being silly now, and can’t understand how it could still be affecting us, let alone cause a serious fear or phobia, is just what needs to be treated.

Do a couple of rounds of EFT, taking note of any other feelings or memories that surface; these too may well need treating.

Check back on your intensity level of that event.

Keep working focusing on different aspects as needed, until you can remember that event without negative feeling. Indeed often they may now seem humorous.

See how strong your fear is now.



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