Clearing Fears & Phobias with EFT




Fears and Phobias can easily be cleared with EFT.

Many of us live with a host of fears; some so small we don’t even notice them. For a few people some fears are so great they become phobias, which can limit their every day life.

Whatever your fear it can almost always be helped.

A small fear of flying may be a mild inconvenience to someone who only makes rare trips abroad.

A phobia of flying to an international businessman could cripple his career. A fear of public speaking could simply cause most people to avoid it, for an executive it could cost him a major contract worth thousands.

Perhaps your fear is of the dentist, of spiders or rats, heights or crowds, it really does not matter.

And by following the tips using EFT it is possible to cure your fears forever. Infact for many people they even begin to like or enjoy what they once dreaded.

It is also important to know that by treating the fear you will not lose common sense and endanger yourself.  For example if you treat yourself for fear of heights you will not go and jump off a high building.

If you are not familiar with EFT techniques then please learn the basic routine in the beginners section before trying to clear your fears or phobias.



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