Curing Fears & Phobias


Many of us live with a host of fears; some so small we don’t even notice them. For a few people some fears are so great they become phobias, which can limit their every day life.

Whatever your fear it can almost always be helped.

A small fear of flying may be a mild inconvenience to someone who only makes rare trips abroad.

A phobia of flying to an international businessman could cripple his career.

A fear of public speaking could simply cause most people to avoid it, for an executive it could cost him a major contract worth thousands.

Perhaps your fear is of the dentist, of spiders or rats, heights or crowds, it really does not matter. And by following the tips using EFT it is possible to cure your fears forever.

In fact for many people they even begin to like or enjoy what they once dreaded. It is also important to know that by treating the fear you will not lose common sense and endanger yourself, e.g. if you treat yourself for fear of heights you will not go and jump off a high building.

Treating the fear…

Try to think back and see if there is any event(s) that may have caused the fear. Maybe in school you were told your singing was terrible and you couldn’t do it, so ever since you have been afraid.

Maybe you were involved in a horrific car accident and now you’re afraid to drive.

If you can establish a specific event then start by treating that. Close your eyes and visualise as much as you can.

(In the case of a serious trauma only do as much as is comfortable, do it in stages, go slowly and if in doubt contact an EFT therapist.)

Take note of your intensity level. Be as descriptive as you can in your set-up phrase.


“Even though Miss Jones said I should not sing and that
I sounded like a cat being strangled and everybody laughed
I can love and accept myself anyway
fully and completely.”


Often what we can logically see as being silly now, and can’t understand how it could still be affecting us is just what needs to be treated. Do a couple of rounds taking note of any other feelings or memories that surface; these too may well need treating.

Check back on your intensity level of that event.

Keep working focusing on different aspects as needed, until you can remember that event without negative feeling.

Indeed often they may well now seem humorous.

You may find that was all that needed treating; you may find other memories that had been forgotten which also need treating in the same way.

There could be many layers to your onion of fear that need peeling away.

Once you have worked through these past events, or if you can think of none to begin with, visualise your fear in the present.

Close your eyes and imagine standing on a tall building, holding a rat, talking to a huge crowd or whatever your fear.

Take note of your intensity level and any physical or emotional feelings. Now treat each of these in the same way.


“Even though I have this queasy feeling in my stomach
when I look over the edge I……….”

“Even though my heart starts beating
when I think about/see a rat I ……….”

“Even though I get this lump in my throat
when I think about making a presentation I ………”


Once you have treated all of the feelings until their intensity levels are zer0 you should be able to visualise in great detail past or future events without emotional or physical distress.

The next step is to put it into practise.

You may want to start slowly, for example just my looking at a picture of a spider, rat or aeroplane. If this triggers a response then treat that in the same way, tapping on those feelings while looking at the picture.

Now go and face your fear.

Go to the top of a tall building, find a spider or book the appointment with your dentist. Again take it slowly.

As you get closer to your fear physically notice any responses in your mind or body and tap them away before going any further.

If done step by step you will surprise yourself how easily you can over-come your fears.


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