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If you have no idea what EFT stands for then this is the place to start.  Clear step by step instructions will walk you through everything you need to know to get started. This manual also contains many advanced strategies useful for experienced practitioners.


The Popularity of EFT

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is fast gaining popularity, and for good reason. This website provides easy to follow instructions so you can learn how to start using EFT today.

Visit the Downloads page for a selection of articles, booklets and other Energy Psychology resources. There are EFT DVD’s demonstrating how to free yourself from low self esteem, phobias and money issues.

If you are an EFT Therapist Links provides a variety of useful resources.

This website has been created so you can learn more about EFT.  I’ve created an easy to follow guide depending how much you know about EFT. Please visit EFT Beginner or EFT Advanced depending on your familiarity.


Further EFT Training

For more in depth training I recommend the on-line Video Training Course which contains over 19 hours of EFT.  Most of us are visual people and absorb a lot simply by watching.

Yes you can get results with a free manual download, but these on-line videos will give you increased confidence and skill in applying EFT.


The Mind-Body-Energy Connection

The possibilites and use for EFT is unlimited. It is important to understand how our emotions, mind, body and energy system are connected.

While from an anatomical standpoint each can be defined as separate there is no real separation from a physiological point of view. You cannot alter one part without the others being affected.

Emotional Freedom Techniques makes use of this connection and therefore can affect any part of our experience, be it mental, emotional or physical.


Treating Emotional Issues

Perhaps the most obvious, and common, use of EFT is to treat emotional issues. This can include anything from anger and stress to the grief of losing a loved one or the PSTD symptoms of rape or war trauma.

If you have held onto a painful experience for 20, 30 or 40 years the emotions you feel when you re-live this experience can be as strong as the day the trauma occurred. Or perhaps your feelings may be less painful but your subconscious mind is still playing out certain limiting patterns to protect you from becoming hurt again.

Whatever the reason EFT can almost aways help.


Physical Pain

Physical pain is commonly connected to emotional pain. This may not always be obvious but is easily illustrated by the example of emotional stress that leads to tight shoulders which can then lead to a sore neck or tension headaches.

I have known people who have had chronic pain for years (in some cases from a accident or surgical injury) be freed from their pain by EFT in minutes where pain medications have failed.

While this does not happen every time, EFT is highly recommended if you are exploring different Energy Therapies. EFT has the ability to offer both symptomatic relief and reach the root energetic, mental or emotional root causes.


Fears & Phobias

Fears and Phobias can be treated almost like a party trick many times. It is amazing to watch someone with a life long fear of something be freed from their fear in typically 20-30 minutes. Whether it is a fear or rats, spiders, heights, lifts or even public speaking EFT can help.

I have watched a group of level 1 students clear their fear of snakes together in less than 1 hour. Out of 5 people who where unhappy that a snake might even be in the same building as them, 3 where holding a 4 foot long King Snake and the other 2 where happy stroking it.

When applied to the fear of flying or public speaking EFT can have profound results on the potential of an individual within both personal and business contexts. Please visit Treating Phobias for more information.


Money, Success & Abundance

Allowing more money, abundance and wealth into our lives are very popular topics. It seems everyone wants to accumulate, achieve and enjoy more.

It is important to understand that it is our past conditioning and experiences create our subconscious beliefs and therefore our outward reality. When we identify what these are we can use EFT to remove old-dated and unwanted patterns so we can create a new reality.

By using EFT we can remove other people’s perceptions of success and find our own. Visit the Success  and Abundance section for more ideas on how EFT can help you.



Addictions such as smoking, hard drugs, food or even emotional states can all be helped dramatically by integrating the Emotional Freedom Techniques into a treatment program.

EFT can help with both the cravings, and more importantly, the root causes such as feelings of loneliness, deprivation and anxiety.

Almost every addiction is rooted in our emotions.

Once these emotional states and related past experience are cleared with EFT then the addiction will often fall way on its own without the need for will power or other commonly used myths.

Visit the How to Quit Smoking section of this website for more detailed information on how you can be free from this addiction.


What EFT Can Treat

There are a host of different conditions that EFT can be employed to help alleviate.

These include Dyslexia, MS, CFS, Depression, Allergies and Sensitivities as well as many others.

Gary Craig (the founder of the Emotional Freedom Technique) encourages us to “try it on anything”. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.


Seeking Qualified Guidance

EFT is easy to learn and safe to use.

That said, as with any natural therapy, it is not a replacement for correct medical supervision and should be used in conjunction with proper medical treatment.

If you are uncertain about anything always consult a qualified practitioner.

If you are working on a deep emotional trauma or chronic illness I recommend you seek qualified assistance from an experienced EFT Therapist.


Carol Prentice

Carol Prentice is a certified Emotional Freedom Technique Therapist, Registered Social Worker, Yoga Instructor and Reiki Practitioner with a passion for helping others experience profound peace in their lives.

With over 10 years of experience in healing Energy Techniques, Yoga and Meditation, she provides every class, workshop and private session with pure awareness and deep compassion.

E.F.T. Certified by Gary Craig, B.A. Psychology, B.A. Social Work, Registered Social Worker with OCSWSSW, Certified Yoga Instructor, Certified Reiki Practitioner

For face to face bookings (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) contact: 905-380-2460
Or to arrange something over telephone or skype please contact: carol@eft-therapy.com


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