When Do I Need an EFT Therapist?

For some reason a very tiny percentage of the population seem to get little benefit from EFT.

It is important not to blame EFT as a therapy if this does not work for you.

For many people this web site will be enough, for others they may need more qualified assistance.

In most cases where someone does not seem to be making any progress or has become stuck an EFT practitioner can help. They know of extra tapping points and techniques to help in the more difficult cases.

They may be able to see what you are missing and help you to understand where you are going wrong.

Often it seems that by having another person tap for you and/or guide you through the process is enough to make the difference.

When emotions are overwhelming, such as in cases of severe trauma or abuse, it is advisable to see an EFT therapist who can help you with soft approach techniques.

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