Psychological Reversal

Psychological Reversal is another interesting concept in EFT.

This appears to be when the energy flow becomes reversed, although nobody is exactly sure how it works. The outcome is however undeniable.

Take for example somebody who wants to quit smoking. Anybody familiar with muscle testing would be able to tell you this person should test positive when saying they want to stop.

However most people don’t.

They still have some deeper part of them that wants to carry on smoking.

Finding these different aspects and treating them with the help of the set-up phrase (see EFT Techniques) can correct this problem.

The outcome of this is its possible to help someone to stop when their will power is not strong enough. In fact it even demonstrates that will power is not best used to overcome addictions.

When psychological reversal is in place the person will ‘self sabotage‘ any attempts to change the problem.

For example someone who is over weight will find a reason to eat more than needed when trying a diet.

Will power if used for long durations is another form of stress on the body.

It is great to use in emergency situations, but if used to overcome a craving it is likely that craving will resurface for something else.

This is commonly seen when someone quits smoking and starts eating more instead.



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