EFT Newsletter Archive

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1001 – Vision, Tapping Time, Breathing
1002 – Limiting Beliefs, Aspects, Getting Stuck
1003 – Removing Resentment, Phone Clients
1004 – Success as an Allergy, Improving Success Rate
1005 – Giving, Tapping for Others, Confidence
1006 – Receiving, Geopathic Stress
1007 – Comfort Zones, To Tap or Not, Intention
1008 – Opportunity, Role Play, Angelic EFT
1009 – Purpose, Tapping the Positive, Tapping with Others
1010 – Goals, Speeding Up Manifestation, EFT & Golf
1011 – Commitment, When to tap, Inner Child, EFT for Parents
1012 – Education, Dyslexia, Persistance, Marketing book
1013 – Taking Action, Fears, Finding Clues, Making Money Online – FREE starter kit


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