EFT Downloads



DVD Series – 16 honest people, 16 courageous issues.  Watch as Carol Prentice expertly navigates her clients to resolution.  20 hours of EFT.  This online EFT video training course lovingly created by Carol Prentice has the power to change every area of your life.  Excellent value for money.  To see how this powerful series will benefit you, sign up for a FREE 7 day trial.



TAT Pose Download – Free download showing how to do the TAT pose by Tapas Fleming

Power Point EFT Introduction:  Free Power Point presentation for Introduction to EFT evenings. Adapt to suit your own needs

Introduction Handout:  Free handout in Word format used for above PP presentation

Today Is Your Day To Win: A FREE E-Book for creating wealth, prosperity & success, (hard copy sells for $17.95). Not aimed at EFTers but easily adapted as the psychological principles are the same, just use your EFT on them for improved results! Highly recommended.



Tapping For Success & Abundance With EFT: A complete guide and workbook which enables you to identify all the reasons you may be blocking the flow of success and abundance in any area of your life. Easy to follow exercises (e-format $39.00)

The Science Of Getting Rich – By Wallace Wattles, written long before EFT but an interesting read and easily applied to EFT, and it’s free!

Think And Grow Rich – By Napoleon Hill, another classic in the psychology behind making money, also free.

As A Man Thinketh – By James Allen, short ebook on the importance of thought in relation to wealth, another freebie.



Stop Smoking Workbook And Audio’s: A much expanded version of the stop smoking section of this site in an easy to use workbook format. Complete with simple EFT instructions it is the workbook I use with my stop smoking clients. Available in E format with an MP3 audio guided meditation and 1-1 recorded session.



EFT E-Books: Dragon Rising offer a range of E-Books on EFT and other meridian therapies.



EFT Introductory Manual – Basic EFT manual in Adobe .pdf format.
Curing Fears and Phobias – Complete with basic EFT instructions as found on this site.
Tinnitus – A Concept – By Steve Frost Dip. Hyp. SQHP. EFT-ADV
EFT & Stress – By Steve Frost Dip. Hyp. SQHP. EFT-ADV
Job Dissatisfaction – How to overcome this common problem
Stop Smoking Myths – Discover the myths around smoking so you can stop easily
Dynamind Technique – A very easy technique that is really a simplified variation of EFT
Emotions & Breast Cancer – connecting the implications of Emotions with cancer
Angelic EFT – A beautiful protocol by Janara Rooney bringing Archangels and EFT together
Online e-sessions and some free information
– Brad Yates, a ranges of issues with a focus on wealth & abundance
How to Build an EFT Practice – 10 top tips to get your EFT business off the ground



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