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www.emofree.com – The original web site by Gary Craig, founder of EFT

www.MeridianTherapy.org – AAMT home page, information & practitioner listing, forum (& free resources)

www.energypsych.org – ACEP (Association for Energy Psychology) website

www.realisatietrainingen.nl/EFT_forum – A Dutch EFT forum

www.bradyates.net – Some free resources and some great online e-sessions

www.dragonrising.com – EFT books & E-books

www.TheAMT.com – The Association for Meridian & Energy Therapies, (Silvia Hartmann, PhD)

www.prosperityplace.com – Using EFT to increase abundance as well as information on BSFF

www.EFTBooks.com – Just as is says, books on EFT, in both E and hard format

www.mercola.com – For excellent advice on nutrition, the latest research & EFT

www.rediscoverthejoyoflearning.com – For copies of Don Blackerby’s book ‘Rediscover the Joy of Learning’ (as seen on Gary Craig’s video sets), not EFT based but worth reading if working with dyslexia

www.energypsychologyinteractive.com – Energy Psychology Interactive Offering energy psychology information, research, and support, this site also features award-winning training resources for professionals, layperson’s, and graduate students

www.selfgrowth.com – A huge range of resources and articles on everything related to self growth

www.health6.com – An alternative health practitioner list

www.risingsunhealing.com – Information and EFT newsletter

www.eft4powerpoint.com – Ann Adams’ Power Point presentation for EFT trainers

www.taptoheal.com – EFT resources and books for treating a broken heart & an early loss of a mother

www.NAFEH.org – Great resource for those seeking information or support for emotional issues, or EFT practitioners

www.mindmotivations.com – a wealth of information about hypnosis, hypnotherapy training and courses, hypnotherapist listings and online hypnosis CD ordering (based in Australia)

www.trancesolutions.com – Hypnosis CDs & Self-help Tapes : Hypnotherapy in Australia

www.filtrim.com – Stop Smoking. Filtrim brings to you a revolutionary device that will help you quit smoking without any agony.

www.pureinsideout.com – Comprehensive guide to body and mind detox methods, including pages on baths, the Detox Bath, essential oils, EFT, and mental detoxification techniques. Alternative and holistic health and lifestyle information and article site.



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