EFT Case Studies


A range of EFT case studies
have been provided below to give you a brief look at what is possible using EFT.

They may also give some ideas and guidance for various issues.

Please select a link from below or go through in chronological order page by page using the navigation bar above.

You can return to this page at any time by clicking on EFT Case Studies.

Dyslexia – Severe dyslexia treated in 12 year old boy

Sciatic Pain – Exploring the emotional insights of one lady with crippling sciatica

Smoking – Looking at success as an issue in quitting smoking

Smoking II – A case of easy quitting within an hour from using this site alone

Allergy removal – Removing a dog hair allergy

Lift Phobia – 35 year fear of lifts removed within 1 hour

Fear of Snakes – 5 people remove their fear of snakes together




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