Stop Smoking with EFT



A smoker for several years she had quit for about a year when emotional and social circumstances changed causing a relapse.

She had been smoking for approximately another year when she found this site. She had no previous experience with EFT.

English was not her first language making it more difficult to understand the instructions.


She read through the step by step instructions on the quit smoking page and just tapped the Karate Chop point the whole time, that was it!

She even confessed to me later that she had changed nothing, and even skipped a few bit’s she did not fully understand.

It took her little more than an hour.


From 15 a-day the following day she smoked only 3, the next 2 and only 1 the next.

She said she no longer enjoyed them, no longer desired them and just gave up without really trying.


“Hello, my name is Naoko from Japan. I tried eft only once about few weeks ago. What I done is just read the section of quit smoking with tapping karate chop. Only this….. I was smoking 10 to 15 ciggerettes every day, but from the next day I done eft, I smoked only 3, next day only 2, then 1…….now stopped completely.”



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