Quit Smoking with EFT



A smoker for over 30 years, had tried patches, gum fake cigarettes, will power and hypnosis. They were becoming very desperate and had almost given up on giving up.


We worked through the protocol as described in the smoking section on this site. This seemed to help a lot but would always give way after a couple of days.

After some exploring of the reasons behind this it was discovered they had a fear of success. After treating this, and the associated problem of being scared that people would think that they thought they were better than them by succeeding, the shift was made.


After the first session they no longer enjoyed smoking and could not understand why they carried on.

It was not until working on their fear of success that the major change was made. For the first time ever in their history of quitting they got up and threw their remaining cigarettes in the bin.

It was then they knew they had the strength to succeed, even though it was no longer going to be any effort.


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