Treating Sciatica with EFT



A single mum with severe sciatic pain. I had treated her with a psoas and piriformis release with little success.

I also referred her to an osteopath/craniosacral therapist who made some progress before deciding to try EFT.


We started by working on her emotions surrounding her condition. How she felt when it was at its worse, the feelings of panic she would have when she couldn’t move and the fear it was never going to get better.

We found issues around not being able to support herself or her son.

We traced stored emotions about being abused by her mother and anger at her sister. It was not however until we looked at what would happen if she were to get better that the real discovery was made.

She realized that she would have no excuse not to look after her ill mother who lived close by.

Due to her past feelings conflicting with her “duty” as a daughter resentment had set in.


We treated this and soon relieved the pain in her lower back.

The next time I called her she casually mentioned she had been to visit her mum for a couple of hours that day.

I asked her about the visit to her mum’s. “Oh that, that was fine” she said. I asked her if that was normal, “No, normally it would be quite difficult”.

It had not seemed strange until after I had pointed it out. Please see The Apex Effect.




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