Treating Snake Phobia with EFT



In one workshop there were 5 people who claimed to have a fear of snakes to varying amounts. When I told them I had a King Snake over 4ft long with me none were too impressed.


Working as a group they identified whichh specific aspects bothered them about the snake.

The eyes, the tongue, the way it moved and the fear of being bitten.

Then we tapped together removing their fears one by one. Once they had removed any fear in their mind I brought out the snake.

Keeping it a distance they tapped until all felt OK about it coming closer.

Total tapping time was 1 hour.


Out of the 5 working on their snake fear 3 held it and the other 2 stroked it.

Interesting all of them commented on how beautiful it looked, when only an hour before they had thought the snake looked “evil'”or ‘”dangerous'”.

If time allowed we could have removed the last of the fear for the 2 who only stroked it but they were pleased with the results achieved in such a short time.




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