Treating a Lift Phobia with EFT



A gentleman who had not been in a lift for over 35 years attended one of my workshops claiming you could not get him in one for £10 000.

I always like a good challenge but left most of the work to one of the other course participants.


An aspects chart was drawn up with several different reasons why he felt comfortable with lifts.

The main reason seemed to be the fear of being trapped.

While talking about this he suddenly had a memory of getting his head stuck in a chicken coup when he was just a child.

This seamed significant so this issue was tapped on and a large drop in the lift fear was achieved. The remaining aspects around his fear were addressed and the lift no longer caused a reaction in his mind.

A trip to the lift and some extra tapping was needed while looking at, and then standing in, the lift.

Total time: 1 hour 15 minutes


First he was able to go up and down with someone with him, after this he was able to use the lift on his own and have no fear at all.

He has since used other lifts with no problem at all.




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