Treating Dyslexia with EFT



12 year old boy with dyslexia so bad the words would move up and down about 1-2 inches on the page.

He could see letters within letters and outlines around those. Needless to say his reading level was exceptionally low.

He hated reading and was scared of the words and needed special coloured glasses to help him. Anger levels in class where high and his behaviour suffered as a result.


We worked on both his visual impairment and his fear of words.

We worked simply on “even though the words keep moving'”and “even though I can see outlines around the words”.

For the fear we worked on “even though I get scared looking at words” and then moving on to “even though I am afraid looking at a page”.


After the first session the words where almost still on the page.

By the next session they were not only still, but had even lost their outlines.

He is now far less scared to look at writing and although he still has a lot of catching up to do, his chances of learning to read normally are much improved.

His enthusiasm to learn and growing confidence have also increased. He has confessed to using EFT independently in class to help control his anger.

His clarity of vision remains and he finds his special glasses make little or no difference.



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