10 Tips to Grow Your EFT Practice

Yoy may have heard that it typically takes three to five years to build a sustainable business.

I did it in three months – but only after learning the hard way first.

Here is a list of ideas that have worked for me and those that haven’t.


1) Give Talks

By phoning local clubs, charities, organizations, associations and support groups you can arrange numerous talks.

The great thing with EFT it is easy to adapt to create a custom talk to suit your audience.

Be sure to include a demo, if not a group tapping session. You can easily find lists of the groups at your local library, information centre or searching local online directories.

Trade shows are also great places to give talks.


2) Get a Business Card

This may seem obvious but so many people don’t, and if they do they don’t do it right.

Pay for a good one, people will judge the quality of your practice on the look of the card. You will want this card to hand out at the talks you give and to anyone you meet as well as to clients to pass on to friends.

Ensure you card has a call to action (a reason to keep it and to do something with it).

You could offer a free consultation or discounted first session on your card. Be sure to include your website as this adds to your credibility.


3) Own a Website

Even something simple, just not a free one.

Ensure it is your own domain name and the name is relevant to what you do – as this increases memorablity.

Be sure to include a photo of yourself as this builds trust (also good for your business card too).

The good thing with websites is you can exchange links with others and list them in various online directories. You will not gain a flood of traffic overnight from these listings but it all helps (and is usually free).


4) List Yourself on Therapist Directories

Again this will not flood you with clients but is free and only takes a minute and lasts for life.

It is free to list yourself here on this website.

Just click on this link: EFT Therapist Directory


5) Create a Referral System

The best clients you can possible gain are referred clients.

If you do not actively ask for referrals you are unlikely to get them.

By offering a bonus session, gift, discount or simply by asking it is amazing how many clients you can get for low or no cost.


6) Get Published in Magazines

This can generate you great publicity.

Write articles for topical magazines or even the local paper and you will skyrocket your business.

Try to make them specific and specialize in an area that interests you.


7) Advertise in Your Local Paper

This is a waste of time generally unless you include a good call to action, and make it an advertorial style ad.

This is where you pay to have a story published that looks like an article on you and your clinic.

With smaller papers and publications you can often get a free editorial with your first ad if you just ask. Without this it is very hard to make newspaper ads pay.


8) Get Broadcasted on the Radio

Call your local stations and offer to be interviewed. Yes you may get several rejections but many are looking to fill time.

When you offer a story they will love you.


9) Flyers

These are usually a waste of time, but again with a good call to action they can help back up the PR from the radio, your talks and the papers.

Save your money and get these done last. As with business cards make them of high quality.


10) Network

Call all the local therapists in your area and offer to give commissions or exchange referrals.

Be clear on what you do and which area you specialize in.

By narrowing down who you choose to work with you actually increase your chances of getting clients. Paradoxical but true!


Bonus Tip

Write a book and get it published using a print on demand publisher.

Distribute your books locally to libraries, clinics and establish yourself as the expert in your area.



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