Emotions & Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Linked To Emotional Shock
By Leon Jay

There has been much interest recently in the developments around new medication for breast cancer. Perhaps though there is a simpler, cheaper and more effective way to prevent reoccurrence.

Dr R. G. Hamer from Germany claims that through his 20 years of research with over 31,000 patients he has discovered patterns of emotional shock that can accurately predict the type, and location of, a cancer someone is likely to develop.

He discovered after years of study that a right handed woman can develop left breast cancer if she has an unresolved mother-child conflict or a daughter-mother conflict or is likely to develop right breast cancer if she has unresolved partner conflicts. (Partners can include her husband, a friend, a brother or sister, her father, or even her business partner. The opposite breast will be affected in a left handed woman.

How does metastasis fit into all of this? Well in Dr Hamer’s view there is no such thing. While it is true that women often go on to develop further cancers such as in the bone, lung or brain, it is his belief that these come from subsequent shocks, not directly from the original cancer. There is in fact little or no evidence that cancer cells break off and spread as commonly assumed.

If for example, the shock of having a breast amputated (a disfigurement conflict) was not dealt with it can lead to skin cancer on the surgical scars. A deep self-devaluation conflict (I am less than I was before) can cause bone cancer or affect the lymph nodes. The shock from discovering the cancer has spread can lead to a death fright conflict resulting in lung cancer.

Dr. Hamer firmly believes that if the conflict is resolved, the cancerous or necrotic process is reversed to repair the damage and return the individual to health. This would also support the belief, observations and experiences of those such as Louise Hay, (who claims to have healed herself from cancer and assisted many others in doing the same), Bernie S Siegel MD (author of ‘Love, Medicine & Miracles’) and Leon Jay (an Auckland based Emotional Release Therapist).

Leon Jay who sees this pattern in many of his clients says, “while we are unable to say for sure that emotional release of past traumas will prevent cancer from returning, I believe it to be one of the most important components to any cancer treatment. Each client is very different, yet the similarities in nature between the emotional trauma and the cancer type cannot be ignored”.

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