EFT Paperback “The Hidden Secrets of EFT”


hidden secrets of EFT paperbackThe Hidden Secrets of EFT (Paperback)

This is the first book I’ve written on EFT and I’m 100% proud of the content, structure and heart.

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After reading I’d very much appreciate your feedback.

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Rather than me tell you about it, take a look at the feedback from satisfied readers below…


“Finally uncovered why my life hasn’t worked out…”

“Thank you Carol for writing this book!  The section on how to increase your self-esteem felt like it was written just for me because I got so much out of it.

I feel relieved that I’ve finally uncovered why my life hasn’t worked out the way I want it to.  Now with EFT on my side I can make the much-needed changes in my life.” Petra Portland


“Don’t have to believe in EFT for it to work…”

“This book has given me a great tool that allows me to move forward in my life with renewed confidence.  The real-life case studies you’ve shared show how EFT works across different scenarios.

I admit I’m a skeptic and what surprised me most is how easy and effective EFT is to implement… and that you don’t even have to believe in EFT for it to actually work!” Ben Brandes


“A brilliant foundation to free yourself…”

“I highly recommend this book as a brilliant foundation to free yourself from any emotional constraints.  Carol has provided me with that extra tool I have been searching for to take my personal development to the next level.

You’ll be left with no excuses not to succeed in achieving the highest within yourself… which is the greatest gift we can receive and give.” Ginny Skinner


Order from Amazon now… “The Hidden Secrets of EFT”


“A hard-hitting book to reach your goals…”

“The Hidden Secrets of EFT is a hard-hitting and sure-fire way to point yourself in the right direction towards your goals.

Feel like you need to get yourself out of that festering rut? The teachings inside this book will certainly give you the attitude and know-how to do just that!

With easily implementable tools, Carol gives you all of the resources you need to make positive changes in your life.” Liv Williams


“Covers all facets of human hang-ups…”

“I found The Hidden Secrets of EFT to be of great benefit, covering all facets of human fears, anxieties and hang-ups.  Using EFT has been extremely humbling, allowing me to forgive and love myself, as well as others.

This book is extremely practical, easy to use and can either be read in parts (depending on the issue) or as a whole.  A must read for anyone who’s “stuck” in their life.” Mara Dower


“Almost seems too good to be true…”

“Having attended an ‘Introduction to EFT’ course a few years ago I found this book to be a valuable refresher guide.

That such a simple tool has the ability to free us from a lifetime of bad habits almost seems too good to be true.  The case studies are particularly helpful in understanding the powerful way EFT can aid us all in our daily lives.” Stephanie Muir


Order from Amazon now… “The Hidden Secrets of EFT”


“I swear that every word was written for me…”

“I read your book in three days and tapped on every point in the book.  I swear that every word was written for me.

My stomach used to have a dull ache all the time and I was always afraid.  I didn’t even know what I was afraid of.  Now I feel like I have never felt in my life…  I sleep better and I can do in one day what used to take me forever.

I am so very happy that I found you!” Judy Mcleod Sauriol

“As a health-care provider I applaud Carol’s book…

“I’m very impressed with this book’s user friendly approach to identifying everyday challenges that we all face and are perplexed to understand, much less problem solve!

Carol has provided concrete examples of challenges we all can identify with and provides the tools to not only gain insight into what is operating on the psychological level, but also how to approach changing the thoughts and behaviors that we want to work on.

As a health care provider, I applaud Carol’s work in that it encourages the individual, where indicated, to do the psychological “work” of addressing health problems rather than just resorting to pharmaceuticals.” Nancy A Krueger


“Allows me to take ownership and action…”

“Thank you Carol!!  Your book was very easy to read and very inspiring.  It reminded me a lot of the theories within “The Secret” and “The Law of Attraction”.

What is different about it is being very “hands-on” in the way of tapping.  I think the tapping works not only for the reasons you outline in your book, but also because the tapping allows me to take ownership and actually take action for the changes I want in my life.

I also found your book affirming.  It was great to know the issues I feel in my life are very common in others.  And more importantly there is a way (EFT) that I can actively solve my problems.” Susan Tromanhauser


Order from Amazon now… “The Hidden Secrets of EFT”


“Only takes a few minutes to get the desired results…”

“After trying many, often expensive self-improvement techniques, this book has given me the answer and proven to be the one which works best for me.

EFT is so easy to understand and apply.  It only takes a few moments to get the desired results and once you’ve invested in this book there is no more cost involved.” Helena Toro


“The potential to help every one of us…”

“When I first heard of EFT I was skeptical, however after reading Carol’s book and trying the techniques for myself I am proud to call myself a convert!

I believe that EFT and the methods explained in this book have the potential to help each and every one of us.  This book is written in a way which allows EFT to be understood by everyone.” Darryl Gera


“A wonderful tools that helps you love and forgive…”

“Once I started reading The Hidden Secrets of EFT I couldn’t put it down. I especially enjoyed reading the real-life examples which gave me awareness and insight.

EFT is a wonderful tool that helps you love and forgive yourself and others. Thank you Carol for providing so much value in one book.” Steffen Latta


Order from Amazon now… “The Hidden Secrets of EFT”


“A valuable contribution to the EFT world…”

“Many books on EFT fail to offer anything new and just tend to focus on the basics.

Carol has gone beyond this and has done an excellent job creating a valuable contribution both to the EFT world and to anyone seeking to improve their lives.” Leon Jay


“Teaches us how to be open and receptive to abundance…”

“I love it!  EFT has really helped me release negative thought patterns and increase my creativity.  Tapping the various points gives me a sense of clarity to a tricky situation or feeling.

This book teaches us to be open and receptive to all the abundance the universe has to offer us right now” Verity Whittaker


“Helps us communicate more effectively…”

“The ability to communicate effectively is the very basis for us living a joyful and fulfilling life.  Inside us we all have the innate ability to communicate perfectly.

Inside these pages, Carol does a beautiful job teaching us how EFT can liberate us from our emotional blocks that lead to communication breakdown.” Francesca Crampton


Order from Amazon now… “The Hidden Secrets of EFT”


“No thoughts about what thoughts you are trying to change…”

“I love the transparency of EFT as there is no secret about what thoughts you are attempting to change.

Carol not only helps us understand why blindly accepting long-held beliefs can negatively impact our lives, but teaches us a simple tool that works directly on releasing unwanted beliefs.” Amy Hill


“An insightful, beautifully written book…”

“I love how Carol writes from the heart and is 100% honest.  The book’s structure, case studies and practical tips are second to none.  There were certain chapters that appealed to me more than others, but I now know which areas I need to improve.  A book that I keep referring to again and again.  Thank you Carol.” Catherine Jay


“Step by step how to let go of our emotional baggage…”

“This is one of the most comprehensive and carefully structured books I’ve read on EFT!  I’ve yet to find a better book for exploring step-by-step how to let go of the heavy emotional baggage we all carry around.

It’s a powerful feeling to look back on what previously angered, depressed or upset you and feel neutral about it.  Carol leaves very few stones unturned…” Kieron Goodwin


Order from Amazon now..“The Hidden Secrets of EFT”

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