Angelic EFT

An Emotional Freedom Technique with a twist of angelic sunshine…

This is a simple healing process combining the love and beauty of the angelic realm with the power of EFT.  Working with the angels is a wonderful and uplifting experience.  They teach us the power of surrender and show us the unlimited abundance of the Universe.  The angels simply ask us to reach out our hand and to ask.   We will be given.  Their joy is in working with humanity to create peace, love and beauty on our planet.

My first experience of the wonder and bliss of Oneness took place during an angel workshop.  This was two and a half years ago.  Since then the angels have been with me, have guided and supported me.  I know I am always loved and accepted.  When I trained in the emotional freedom technique last summer, I was guided to bring these two things together.  I see a coming together of the trust and surrender in working with the angels and the empowerment and freedom gained through the use of EFT.

Case Study

Mary (not her real name) was guided to me for EFT.  The friend who recommended me had also been at the same angel workshop.  Mary was suffering from an episode of anxiety that had lasted for two years.  She had been diagnosed with ‘chronic anxiety’.  She was afraid to leave the house, to go anywhere or meet new people.  She had a phobia of the medical profession and of institutions.  She was at the end of her tether and unable to see a way forward.  She was surrounded by a veil of hopelessness and negativity.

We had two sessions of EFT together and there was a huge amount of material to work with including a mass of trauma from childhood.  Mary was not keen on what she saw as ‘raking up the past’.  She didn’t believe she could change and she didn’t believe that these therapies, including EFT could work.

During a telephone call, Mary asked me about my experiences with angels and she said that she thought that maybe her guardian angel was near, although she was also quite sceptical.  Mary was given a copy of the exercise below.

The next time I spoke to Mary, she sounded so different.  She told me that she had been doing the angel exercise every morning for three weeks and she had transformed.  She was going out on trips and was feeling much more positive, trusting and at peace.  She also said that she knew that Archangel Michael was with her and had even found out that he was her birth angel.  She was amazed.  She sounded happy and uplifted and felt that working with the angels was enabling her to move forward in her life, trusting and surrendering, and simply asking for the healing that she needed, rather than raking over her past.

Use this process to assist in your healing by invoking the seven archangels and channelling their energy into each of the seven main points on the face and body.

Find somewhere quiet and comfortable where you will not be disturbed.  Make the space sacred by lighting a candle or some incense.  You may wish to set an intention for the healing or you may choose to simply surrender to the process.

Use it daily and feel the beautiful and joyful vibration of the angels fill your energy body.


Locate your sore spot, or use the karate chop point.  Relax into your body and take some gentle full breaths.  Rub the sore spot or tap the karate chop point continuously and say out loud three times:

‘I call upon the angelic realm to assist me in my healing process.  Please support and guide me in whatever healing I need right now, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.  I consciously choose to heal and set myself free’.

Keeping your fingers on this point, take in a gentle and full breath.


Now tap gently with two fingers on the inside eyebrow point and say out loud:

‘I invoke the mighty Jophiel, beauty of God.  Fill me with your yellow/gold ray and enable me to connect to my higher self, my intuition and my inner wisdom.  Free me of my dependencies and illuminate my mind.  Thank you and blessed be’.

Keep your fingers on this spot and take a gentle and full breath.


Next locate the spot on the outside eyebrow, on the bone near your temple.  Tap gently and say out loud:

‘I invoke the mighty Zadkiel, Righteousness of God.  Fill me with your violet ray of forgiveness, compassion and mercy.  Support me to free myself from negativity and limitation, and pave the way for forgiveness of others and for myself.  Thank you and blessed be’.

Keeping your fingers on this point, breathe in and out.


Now find the spot under your eye, on the bone, tap gently and say:

‘I now invoke the mighty Michael, who is like God.  Fill me with your blue ray of protection.  Please cut the cords of fear and illusion and give me the courage and strength to live my truth.  Thank you and blessed be’.

Keeping your fingers on this spot, breathe in and out.


Find the spot under your nose, tap gently and say:

‘I now invoke the mighty Raphael, angel of healing.  Fill me with your green healing ray and activate my own self-healing mechanism.  Thank you and blessed be’.

Keeping your fingers on this spot, breathe in and out.


Next tap under your bottom lip and say out loud:

‘I now invoke the mighty Uriel, fire of God.  Fill me with the gentle peace of your purple/gold and ruby ray.  I ask for peace for myself and humanity.  Thank you and blessed be’.

Keeping your fingers on this spot, breathe in and out.


Now move to your collar bone point, gently pat with an open hand and say:

‘I invoke the mighty Chamuel, angel of love and he who sees God.  Fill me with your pink ray reaching into all the places where love and acceptance are needed.  Fill me with love.  Thank you and blessed be’.

Keeping your hand here, breathe in and out.


Now move your open hand to the side of your body just below the underarm and pat gently whilst saying:

‘I now invoke the mighty Gabriel, angel of harmony and beauty.  I call on your pure white light for guidance to understand my life’s plan.  Help me to draw the people and situations needed to enable me to reach my divine potential.  Thank you and blessed be’.

Keeping your hand here, breathe in and out.


Now sit quietly for a few minutes with your eyes closed, breathing slowly and gently, in and out.  Notice the quality of your inner being.  Thank the angels for the healing that you have received and for the joy and upliftment they have brought you.  Give them a big joyful smile and enjoy your day.

Love and Laugher

Janara xx

Janara is available for 1-1 sessions using EFT and PEAT (primordial energy activation and transcendence), prosperity workshops and EFT practitioner training, and is based in Cornwall, UK.

Contact or telephone 01326 374837.

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