EFT Keyword Approach


In EFT a keyword can be used when either a reminder phrase becomes too long and awkward to use, or when someone is too distraught to talk about their problem.

A keyword or short phrase is identified and substituted for the problem.

It can be of relevance or completely unconnected to the issue, as long as the client makes the identification to that word in their mind linking it with the problem. If using a keyword approach the set-up phrase would for example become:

“Even though I have this turnip problem, I deeply and completely accept myself”

The reminder phrase would then also become ‘this turnip problem’.

This technique is also good when clients are too ashamed or hurt to talk about their problem. Just have them choose a code word and treat that instead. As a therapist you never need know your clients problems.

You can even have the person hum the problem if they are unable to vocalise it.

It is not uncommon once someone has successfully dealt with an issue, that they can easily discuss it without shame or pain.


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