Abundance Awareness

Abundance is everywhere, just become aware of it.
When poverty consciousness is removed we need to fill the space with an awareness of the infinite abundance which surrounds us all.

This is to take us from a place of the ‘glass is half empty’ to ‘the glass is half full’ and then to ultimately ‘the glass is half full of water and half full of air’ (remember you need both).

Look around you, what do you see? If you are mostly focused on the lack in your life then this is what you will keep producing. If you are focused on only just having enough then you will never accumulate. If you focus and give thanks for the abundance around you then you will keep generating more.

Now expand your concept of abundance to ALL that is around you. Remember money is just energy. According to the laws of physics energy can be transmuted into different forms.

The act of paying for your food is a simple example of this, you hand over the money the shop keeper gives you food, a direct exchange of energies. The farmer took his abundance of wheat and exchanged it for money.

There is often a way to change one form of energy to another, we just need to notice the abundance of what we have available to us. If you find difficulty in this please tap on the following set-up statement:

“Even though I cannot see, appreciate or welcome nature’s infinite abundance in my life

I can love and accept myself ayway – fully and completely.
I now choose to open myself to abundance with gratitude”

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