Expanding Your Comfort Zones


Expanding your comfort zones has become a catch phrase of personal development.

But what does it mean? We are all limited by our ‘comfort zones’.

These are situations in which we feel comfortable and safe. While we have all experienced times when we have not felt comfortable most of us do not go and actively seek them, indeed we try to avoid them.

Our subconscious mind is very good at trying to protect us from such situations.

The choices we make and reactions we have reflect this.

We will never become the person driving the new BMW convertible if we are not comfortable with even taking a new Fiat UNO for a test drive.

We cannot become the owner of a detached 5 bedroom house in the countryside if we feel uncomfortable visiting others in much more than a council house on a housing estate.

This impart overlaps with the section on resentment but is more about how we feel about our self than to how we feel towards others.

We need to feel comfortable with money, if money is what we want.

It is time for a field trip…

Make the call to an estate agent and arrange a visit to your ideal home. It does not matter if you cannot afford it yet. The first part of getting something is to feel comfortable with acting as though you can have it.

When arranging the visit notice any physical, emotional or mental discomfort or objections.

Use EFT to clear each restriction on your comfort zone until they have completely gone.

Do this for every stage; the journey there, the actual visit and then any residual feelings after.

Now repeat this exercise, this time for the car, computer or whatever you want.

Whenever you need to expand your comfort zones use EFT.

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