Learning to Receive with EFT


So much is talked about giving yet for many people the trouble lies in receiving.

Many of us grew up with parents who told us not to accept gifts, it’s polite to refuse.

“Don’t accept things from strangers” is a warning to children that can leave an energetic pattern that it is unsafe to receive.

Another belief is that by taking ‘more than our share’ there will not be enough for others, a real moral dilemma, how much is our share?

Remember money is just a form of energy, nothing more.

In the western world only about 4% of the total monetary wealth is in hard cash, the rest is just in cyberspace numbers. As any scientist will tell you energy can be transmuted from one form to another.

This means there truly is enough for everyone, we just have to learn how to receive it.

Look through your childhood to any warnings or cautions about accepting.

We need to clear these to allow for the flow of abundance to come into your life.

List them and clear each with EFT until you emotionally feel no strength in them.

Here are a few to start you off…

  • Mum told me not to take anything from strangers
  • I was not allowed to accept money from relatives or neighbours
  • I would get into trouble for asking for money or sweets
  • We should give and not take



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