Feeling Worthy For Success


To experience what you desire you must feel worthy, or that you deserve what you want.

So many of us go about our lives with the feeling of ‘not being good enough’. This sense of little self worth can come from a range of places.

As before start with the earliest and strongest memories you can. Have a look at the examples below to give you some ideas and then add your own. Where possible try to use specific incidents.

For each statement give a rating from 0-10 how true it feels for you now…


  • My Dad told me I was no good when I came last in sports day

  • I was expelled from school for being a bad influence

  • Mr Holms told me I would never amount to anything

  • I was fired from my first job for not being good enough

  • Because of the way I have been treated I think I must be a bad person

  • Because of what I have done I must be a bad person


Now create your setup phrase for each statement, then tap for each until they no longer hold any emotional charge or no longer seem to hold any truth.

Where appropriate create a positive choice, and do a round of tapping introducing the way in which you wish to think for each of the above statements.

Keep going until you know you are worthy of all the success and abundance you want.

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