Resentment & Jealousy


If we are jealous of, or resentful of, others for having what we want…

… Then our subconscious will try to protect us from becoming like that person.

We should become happy for other people who are already living the life we wish for, though this can be easier said than done.

Try to think of all the people you resent for having money or expensive cars, houses and boats.

Think of all the people you resent for having the perfect job, life-style or relationship that you desire.

List them all and give each a rating from 0-10 scaling your level of resentment. Really tune into your feelings and be honest with yourself.

Here are some examples to get you started…


  • I hate Bill Gates for owning so much money
  • I am jealous of people who own my favorite car
  • I hate people who are enjoying life and not working hard
  • I am jealous of my boss because he has the job I want


Once you have your list, create setup phrases for each and tap for each until your “resentment rating” reaches a zer0 for every one.

Keep expanding your list as new ideas come to mind and tap those clear too until you are free from all jealousy and resentment.



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