Affirmations can and do work.
However, they often need to be repeated so many times that a person will usually give up using them before a serious change is made. In many cases it is also like the person on a diet.

If psychological reversal is in effect, it is likely the person affirming wealth and abundance will give up before results are seen. Also there is resistance from a person’s current belief about the new affirmation.

For example, if you try to state to yourself ‘I am wealthy and abundant’ your mind is likely to object with ‘no I’m not’ or something similar. Underlying this objection is a web of currently held beliefs about money and your relationship to it.

To make changes with affirmations it is useful to remove these limiting beliefs and create a blank canvas to inscribe the new desired affirmation(s).

With something as complex as wealth and abundance issues, there are often many limiting beliefs to be removed. This guide will take you through the most common and help you uncover your own. It will also teach you how to clear them and make suggestions for positive alternatives.

Before you begin you should be familiar with using the basic EFT sequence. If you do not know how to use EFT, do not worry, it is quick and easy to learn. Go to downloads for a free guide, then start clearing and practicing your affirmations daily.


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