Success & Abundance Through EFT



Success & Abundance are now made much easier thanks to EFT.

This section is a fairly comprehensive guide designed to help you understanding the blocks to success and abundance in your life.

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Early Beliefs Blocking Abundance

Resentment & Jealousy

Feeling Worthy of Success

Learning to Receive with EFT

Expanding Your Comfort Zones

Abundance Awareness

Allowing Time for Change

tapping for success and abundanceWhile this section will cover the foundations a much more detailed and complete understanding can be found in the Tapping for Success & Abundance Workbook. So to the first question, how can EFT help?

It is estimated we each have between 50 000 and 60 000 thoughts everyday. It has also been said that around 90% of these are subconscious, and 90% are also the same thoughts we had yesterday.

With the subconscious controlling the majority of our reactions to life, it becomes clear that our beliefs about ourselves, success, abundance and about money will define our experience of both.

We are conditioned from birth by our parents, siblings, friends, teachers, the media, religions and our personal experiences.

Throughout our childhood, beliefs are instilled and reinforced until they become almost absolute truth.

These truths stay with us throughout life and unless something dramatic takes place it is hard for these to change.

By letting them go using EFT we can open ourselves to experiencing more success and abundance.

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