EFT For More Money, Prosperity & Inner Peace

tapping for success and abundance coverIt took me a long time to figure out that desiring something isn’t enough.  Badly wanting more money unfortunately doesn’t cut the mustard!

Desire by itself simply won’t (and can’t) get you very far if your default programming is set to destroy all your efforts from the start.

Fear is an exhausting emotion to hold onto… and a tiring place to live your life from.  Many emotions and beliefs we have are based subconsciously in fear (and not rooted in trust).

All the affirmations, visualizations and great intentions in the world won’t do a thing… if your limiting beliefs are still firmly rooted in place.

Before you program yourself with new beliefs that serve you and attract (instead of repelling) more wealth into your life you must get rid of the old.

I’d like to offer you a practical (and affordable) solution that will invite more money into your life as soon as you begin applying what you read.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is the tool of choice by those who want control over their life.  How?  EFT works directly on neutralizing and re-wiring your fearful thought patterns and beliefs that are holding you back.

Thankfully this tool is easy to master.

Empowering because you can implement it yourself.  And most important of all… it works!  (And if you’re skeptical?  It doesn’t matter whether you believe in it or not… because EFT works regardless.)

Tapping for Success & Abundance will teach you everything you need to change your life forever.  Designed to be an easy to follow guide, it takes you through all the reasons why you limit your success and abundance.

If the financial, emotional or spiritual success continues to elude you then this e-book was written with you in mind.

EFT will help you in 3 powerful ways…

  1. Remove the limiting beliefs that are stopping change
  2. Remove the focus on what you don’t want so easily gain clarity what you do want
  3. Remove all negative emotions so you don’t self-sabotage your great efforts

Tapping for Success & Abundance is a combination of logic, philosophy and practical EFT steps.   This e-Book has all the content and tools you need to overcome all damaging financial patterns.

I am very aware of cost, yet I also value my time.  Education costs money.  Yet it can’t bring increased wealth into your life if you don’t do anything with the new knowledge you gain.  It is my sincere hope that you do apply the principals.

Money is a form of energy.  By itself it has no meaning.  For me plenty of money allows a lot of choice and flexibility…. and therefore more freedom.  Whatever money means to you, you can have more…

Wishing, hoping and dreaming more money will appear from the sky is not a good financial plan of action!

I want you to feel the tools of success is affordable.  For that reason you can download your copy of Tapping for Success & Abundance for just $39

Click here to invest in your financial health.

October brings a new month.  A fresh start of startling change and new gifts.  I hope you enjoy it and embrace it.

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