Why Good Things NEED to Fall Apart…

Why Good Things Need to Fall Apart

Good things fall apart so better things can fall together…

Often when I hear quotes that really move me they stay with me.  It is great to refer to them again and again.  When I do, I often have a new experience of their meaning or I find a new nugget of truth speaking to me.

Sometimes the same gold is there and I shiver with the wisdom and beauty of it… its nice to be reminded over and over of words that move you to higher ground.  (If you don’t already, I encourage you to keep a journal of your favorite quotes, sayings and sentences of wisdom.)

A while ago I spoke of some wise words by Marilyn Monroe.  Today I’d like to explore her words again.

Marilyn Monroe said, “Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.”

This can be a hard concept to grasp if you have just lost something (or someone) and you’re struggling to understand why and how this could possibly be any good.

The truth is you don’t know.

You may protest and stamp your feet that the thing (or person) you’ve just lost is something you need.  Life knows better.  Trust and allow whatever is happening to you to unfold.

I understand this is much easier said than done!

Just do your very best and put your intention out there.  Even if your intention is this… “I don’t understand why on earth this thing (or person) has fallen away from me, yet I do 100% trust this is the best thing for me, even though I feel uncertain and angry.”

Hindsight will reveal all…

Sometime in the the future you’ll look back on this moment with a beaming heart.  You’ll know why this moment “fell apart”.  Maybe this thing had to fall apart to make way for something so incredible you can barely believe it.

Maybe this thing was a blessing in disguise.  Maybe there was a crucial lesson you had to learn and The Universe couldn’t get your attention any other way.

Maybe you needed to learn the lesson of attachment?  Or surrender?  Or letting go of agenda?

Maybe this thing saved you from something really bad.  Maybe this thing brought you close to something (or someone) else.  Sometimes you just don’t know.  (Do you even need to know why?  If you desperately need to know to get closure, this is something EFT can help you with.)

Yes right now whatever has fallen apart is a huge problem.  At the least, yes it is a huge inconvenience.  At the worse, you may feel like you want to curl up in the fetal position and die.  With as much grace and patience as you can muster, wade through the thick of it all.

I know you will get through.  Whatever is happening now is for your highest good.

Carol PrenticeTrust it
Carol Prentice

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