The Seduction and Allure of Safety…

The Seduction of Safety

The familiar things in our lives seduce us into the illusion of safety and security…

It is easy to stick with what and who we know.  The familiar is comfortable.  The familiar is seductive.  It is alluring.

And it is the one thing we keep going back to even though we may wish deep down that we are capable of embracing more.

If you can’t remember the last you quaked in your boots then you need to chase after fear.  To me fear and excitement are on the same line… with fear being at one end and excitement being at the other.

(I don’t advocate change just for the sake of change as that can be an addiction in itself.  I know because  I’ve been guilty of that in the past.)

Unfortunately too many of us let fear win.  We only face things when we’re forced into a situation where we have no other option.

Instead of waiting for life to force your hand, why not challenge yourself to go out and stare fear in the face?

Yes your heart will thump wildly.  Yes your stomach will feel so sick you may vomit.  Yes you may even feel that you would rather die than face your fears.  Yet you must.  You really must.

And you must do it alone.  No one can do this for you, but you.

If you want to grow and expand and experience life fully, then you need to embrace the unknown.

Anything that scares me I make a point to go out and do.  I’m not a fearless person.  Yet I refuse to let fear paralyze me into complacency.  So much power, satisfaction and inner confidence is gained when you do all those things you fear.

Start small.  Write a list.  And then slowly and quietly DO those things.

If you don’t know what you fear, think about the people you admire most in your world.  What do you admire about them?  It is likely you admire qualities that you don’t yet possess yourself.  Write down the qualities you admire and make them form the basis of your list.

Fear can dissipate and lose its power.  It does this when you shift your focus from feeling fear and freezing… to conquering fear and feeling like a superhero.


The reptilian part of our brains is scared of change.  It sees new things as literally life-threatening.  Your soul however is patiently waiting for you to step into your life and live who you are.

How long will you wait?  20 years?  50 years?  80 years?

No pretending.  No facades.  No excuses.  That is what your soul demands of you.

As much as you can, be comfortable being uncomfortable.  As much as you can, admit you are frightened and fearful… yet don’t let these emotions seduce you into doing nothing.

We are all capable of so much more.  In the next week we’ll explore the fear of success and the emotional components underpinning this complex subject.

Carol PrenticeHere’s to stepping into your own life!
Carol Prentice

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