Are You Blocking Love? (If You Can’t Receive, You Can’t Give Love)

are you blocking love

Does receiving love feel dangerous to you?

What you are about to read isn’t just the usual blurb on receiving and giving.  It is a deeper exploration of why you must receive love first before you can give it back.

If you don’t let any love in then how can you possibly give any back?

Sounds radical doesn’t it?  I thought so when I first heard it, yet it does make a lot of sense.

Right now do you feel that you are blocking love?  Most of us probably would answer no.  Yet if we dig deeper, we’ll find that all of us could do with a bit more help in this area.

How readily do you accept and embrace appreciation, encouragement and compliments?  I’m talking about the graceful receiving of someone else’s love and validation of you.  If you feel annoyed, gruff or uncomfortable with praise then you need to roll up your sleeves and do some emotional unblocking.  (Use EFT Emotional Freedom Technique)

How readily do you focus on the good, the great and the impossibly beautiful?  How readily do you focus on someone “still not being quite right” or “not good enough”?

How readily do you embrace and allow your feelings of uncertainty and vulnerability so that true intimacy can have the chance to grow and flower?

If you are creating obstacles and barriers then you are not receiving love.  You are putting up walls.

When you accept someone else’s praise, appreciation or anything else they are offering you are allowing love in.  And when you receive and allow love in… then love has a chance to change you.

And love will change you into a more beautiful person (if you let it).

You may feel resistant receiving love.  Only you can realize this.  Invite some awareness and honesty into your life to see if you could open up a lot more to love.

If your subconscious mind interprets love as being dangerous then it will do its best to protect you.  High walls and fat barriers will go up.  Luckily you can use EFT to dismantle your fears surrounding love, gently and permanently.

Love is a 2 way street.  Receiving love is a cornerstone that must be done first, before you can flow love back to everyone who crosses your path.

Carol PrenticeBe open to receiving every drop of love!
Carol Prentice

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