Wise Words from Marilyn Monroe…

Marilyn Monroe

When you can’t make sense of a challgenging situation, these words from Marilyn Monroe may help…

Often when there is a challenging situation, it can be hard to make sense of it.

This is because we are so close to it.  And often emotionally caught up in the heat of the moment, that we are unable to see the bigger picture.

Yet even if we can’t see the bigger picture, we may not understand it until much later — until we’ve had some distance from it.

I came across a great quote from Marilyn Monroe that really stood out and spoke to me. She said, “Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.”

These words hold a lot of wisdom inside them.

When something falls apart that we think is good, we may question why? We may think that life isn’t fair.  And why do these things happen to me?

It may not occur to us that situation is falling away to make way for something even better!  This is a refreshing and exciting thought.

Next time you are in the midst of a crisis or challenging situation, remember the above words. They will bring you comfort and encourage you to have trust and faith that something unexpectedly great may well come of it.

Carol PrenticePeace
Carol Prentice

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