How to Embrace Your Inner Child…

Embrace Your Inner Child

Re-connect to your inner child to encourage more happy moments into your adult life…

Even though we may have left behind childhood many decades ago it is still important to connect to your inner child.  How much do you play, laugh and giggle?

If you don’t let that little girl or boy inside you out regularly, you are missing out and depriving yourself of a lot of joy.

Think back to your childhood… what do you remember that you loved doing?  What were you engrossed in?  How did you spend every spare minute when you had the freedom to to so?

You may remember that you liked building tents out of sheets, collecting snails or dressing up in your mother’s clothes?  Then identify what was it about these things that you liked doing?

Perhaps today as a grown man or woman you don’t want to build indoor forts, collect bugs or dress-up.  But perhaps at the heart of what you liked doing was building, exploring and transforming yourself.

Perhaps you can create something.  Perhaps you can do a nature walk or explore a new area in your city.  Perhaps you can change an aspect of your appearance or transform your house in some way?

When you unleash that inner spirit and give your childhood joy a voice today you will invite and experience more moments of happiness in your everyday life.

Carol Prentice

Carol Prentice

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